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Quality concrete footing work does more than just support the structure above it. It serves as a design element, adds curb appeal, and maintains architectural integrity. When construction companies and contractors in the Park City, UT area need professional concrete footing services, they call Ricos Concrete because they know they will always get excellent work and friendly customer service.

Concrete footing service may be the most important part of any building project. If not done correctly the customer risks having to tear it out and redo it, or, even worse, the complete collapse of the structure. Ricos Concrete provides more than expert foundation footings; they provide amazing services at affordable prices. Some of the things customers count on Ricos Concrete to do includes:

• Supporting Wall Footings—Concrete footings draw the weight of supporting walls down to bedrock, guaranteeing that the walls stay strong and supportive for decades to come.

• Deck Footings—A beautiful deck is useless if the concrete footings are not big enough or are incorrectly placed. Ricos Concrete knows how to engineer the perfect concrete deck footing for maximum support and longevity.

• Balcony Footings—People love to spend time on their balconies and they put a lot of stuff on them, so the balconies have to have exceptional concrete footing support.

Exacting footing foundation work is the supporting structure for the entire wall, deck, balcony, or structure. It is essentially to perform the work to exacting specifications and tight tolerances. Ricos Concrete has been in business since 2006, pouring driveways, foundations, and footings for residential and commercial customers throughout Park City, UT. They know the business, they know the city, and they know the building code. Call them today to get a bid for superior concrete footings.

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